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Free Online Games at Wrath Games

Welcome to Wrath Games! Here, you will find a huge variety of free and exciting online games. We provide the perfect gaming environment for the young and old, by providing everyone with a realistic gaming experience, as well the opportunity to learn something new. 

Benefits of Our Free Online Games

The fact is that many people underestimate the benefits of online games, especially free online games. Here are some of the benefits of our free online games.

•Our games make the world your playground. They are powered by the internet, which means that the same games are available throughout the world, and can be played by anyone, no matter where they are located. This means that you can literally play online games with family and friends located in different parts of the world, as if you are all in the same living room. You can interact and communicate with them via chat, text messages, webcam and microphone.

•Our games offer a realistic gaming experience, as you are playing against humans who can react, change their tactics and communicate with you when necessary.

•Our games have educational benefits. They help you to develop reflexes and lateral thinking. Many are active games which require partaking in physical activities during the game, such as: dancing, fitness and exercises.

•Our games are especially educational to children. They offer an alternative means of education for your children. They prompt them to be creative and constructive. Many of them are fun and informative and give children the chance to learn new things. Children learn about colours, movement, shapes, and graphics from online games. In general, online games help to develop the cognitive skills of children, helping them to think, learn and analyze better. 

•Our games are a great way to escape, unwind and improve your creative thinking.

•Our games are FREE! This means that they save you money. You can play any free game for as long as you like, without having to spend any money. Although our games are free, you can be assured that they are not corrupt nor do they contain viruses. 

Join us today! The process is simple, free and definitely worth it!

Here are only a few of the many benefits of registering with us:

•You will gain access to hundreds of online games which you can play free of charge.

•You will also gain access to downloadable games which you can install on your computers and play, without having to be connected to the internet.

•You can store and share your game statistics.

•You can play against your current friends or you can make new ones.

Our games are such fun and offer such excitement that they can become somewhat addictive. This is why we are advising that our free online games should be a hobby. Make them a part of your life. Remember to take frequent breaks while playing our online games. We know that you will be tempted to keep playing as you will be having so much fun, but your health is important to us.


We offer a realistic gaming experience!